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Welcome to the Oslo City Archives

The Oslo City Archives is the city's executive authority within the archival domain. The City Archives has a supervising and advisory responsibility for the city's records management, both electronic and on paper. The Oslo City Archives holds and preserves historically and judicially important archives for the City of Oslo, and is responsible for making them available for future generations.

The postal address of Oslo City Archives is:

Postboks 1453 Vika
0116 Oslo

Our visting address is Maridalsveien 3.

Map of the area where we are situated.

Telephone: +47 02 180
Telefax: +47 23 46 03 01


Our site is mainly in Norwegian, but for our international guests we wish to present a limited version in English.

At the moment we are only able to offer access to our databases and the possibility to download our newsletter Tobias.

Our databases are supported with English text, and some of our most important genealogical fonds will be explained with a user's manual. We hope international visitors take their time studying these manuals before visiting Oslo. There may be interesting things to find in the fonds of The City Archives.



Mostly municipal collections, i.e. lots of buildings, installations, parks etc.

Civic records (1648-1789)

Certificates of matriculation by the town magistrate.


The inventory of our library. Mainly texts from and about Oslo.

Christiania-folks of 1845 Index of Taxpayers 1845
Taxation of real estate Index of records of taxations of real estate for the purpose of fire insurance. The records contain descriptions of buildings.

City Counsil

Index of records from the City Counsil 1837-1980


Tobias, our historical and archival newsletter, is available on this site in PDF. Remember to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed prior to downloding the PDF-files. For those of our users who are interested in the History of the City of Oslo, there will be plenty of interesting articles. Although the essays are only in Norwegian, there are many pictures, and you are welcome to download the available issues. The essays from Tobias are also available via our search engine.


Essays on sources of information:

Municipal Censuses

The Commission of the Poor

Adress listings